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Educating Employees on the Importance of a Healthy Gut

The Smart, Healthy Gut Campaign

A toolkit for an employee awareness campaign for maintaining a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

Your gut is the inspiration for terms like "that was a gutsy move" and "trust your gut". But as common as our guts are, scientists are discovering that they're much more complex than we knew. In fact, people who take care of their gut health may experience benefits including better brain function, a stronger immune system, and better weight control.

MetLife 360Health’s Smart, Healthy Gut campaign helps to raise awareness for employees of the importance of the gut to health. It also describes steps employees can take to care for this super-important organ.

What's in the Toolkit?

  • Campaign Objectives
  • Suggested Timeline
  • Marketing Materials (articles, email campaign flyers, etc.
  • Campaign Kickoff Event Ideas
  • An Employee Challenge
  • Prize Strategy
  • Campaign Evaluation

Campaign Objectives

  • Educate employees on the significance of their gut health
  • Raise awareness on the importance of environment and lifestyle choices that may affect their gut health which in turn can have an impact on their overall health status, including risks for diseases, weight management, and heart health.
  • Inform employees about the latest studies on gut health
  • Motivate employees (through an employee challenge) to make lifestyle changes to support a healthier gut.


Download the toolkit down and promote the benefits of a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.