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Give Your Heart Some Love

Give Your Heart Some Love

A toolkit for setting up a heart healthy awareness campaign

It's amazing to think that your heart beats continuously your entire life, without a break. An organ that special deserves to be taken care of. The heart is subject to a variety of diseases, but the good news is that some basic, free activities can keep your heart strong and healthy for a long time.

MetLife 360Health created the Give Your Heart Some Love campaign. It helps employees to be aware of coronary risk factors that may apply to them. It also describes simple activities that employees can take to stay heart-healthy.

Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness on the importance of preventing heart disease
  • Provide information to employees about their risk factors associated with heart disease
  • Motivate employees through an employee challenge to make lifestyle changes to improve heart health
  • Bring employees together around heart disease awareness by encouraging them to share their heart healthy stories with their colleagues

What's in the Toolkit?

This toolkit provides all of the materials needed to deliver a successful campaign:

  • Campaign Objectives
  • Suggested Timeline
  • Marketing Materials
  • Campaign Kickoff Events Ideas
  • An Employee Challenge
  • Campaign Content
  • Prize Strategy
  • Campaign Evaluation


Download the toolkit now and save your work and help your workforce to stay heart healthy.