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Educating employees about low back pain

Beating Back Pain

A toolkit for helping employees and members prevent and reduce low-back pain 

Back pain is one of those challenges that can literally make itself felt every waking minute. Even people who sit at desks can be miserable from just the smallest movements.

Often, people with no back problems may be inviting injury by not being aware of habits that can lead to chronic back pain later. Acting now can prevent a lot of long term problems with the spine.

MetLife 360Health has developed a set of recommendations that all employees can benefit from—whether it's to lessen the pain they have, or avoid chronic back pain in the first place.

Campaign Objectives

  • Provide information to employees on the many causes of low back pain with an emphasis on prevention.
  • Create better awareness of the importance of protecting the back and the many sensible lifestyle changes that employees can make to help keep their backs healthy and strong.
  • Provide information about treatment options, including myths that are important to know, as well as non-invasive therapy options.

What's in the Toolkit?

This toolkit provides all of the materials needed to deliver a successful campaign:

  • Campaign Objectives
  • Suggested Timeline
  • Marketing Materials (articles email campaign flyers, etc.)


Download the toolkit now and help your workforce beat back pain.