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Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby

Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby

A toolkit for an employee awareness campaign for healthy pregnancies

Employees who are pregnant often continue to work for quite some time into their pregnancy. During this period it's sometimes easy to forget the changes that are happening, and how their workplace plays an important role.

When women are pregnant, they need as much support as their family and "work family" can give them.

They have so much to think about, and to plan for. At the same time, it's natural for them to worry about whether they're making the right choices.

MetLife 360Health developed Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby to give women useful and confidence-boosting information and encouragement at work. At a time when they're making so many choices, they'll appreciate the supportive workplace environment.

Campaign Objectives

  • Make sure that employees have expert, effective information to help them make the right lifestyle decisions, which in turn can help to ensure healthier pregnancies
  • Support women to make confident choices regarding the delivery of their baby
  • Demonstrate a positive, encouraging environment for expecting parents in the organisation, and also for others who may be in that position in the future.

What's in the Toolkit?

This toolkit provides all of the materials needed to deliver a successful campaign:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Marketing materials (articles, email campaign flyers, etc.)
  • Pregnancy booklet (best practices for distribution of the booklet)


Download the toolkit now and help your workforce create a supportive environment and healthier pregnancies.