MetLife's Update of the Productivity Commission’s Work on the Superannuation System 

On 29 May 2018, the Commission issued its Draft report on Stage 3 of the project on Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness.

The process of creating the Draft report has consisted of three phases:

  1. Development of a framework to assess efficiency and competitiveness in the super system.
  2. Development of a set of alternative models for allocating default members to products.
  3. An inquiry which assessed the efficiency and competitiveness of the super system, drawing on the work in stages 1 and 2.

We are pleased to bring you our update on the Draft report which covers the following sections:

  • Member outcomes of the current system
  • What are the drivers of poor member outcomes?
  • Recommendations
  • Work to be done to improve insurance
  • Industry reaction
  • Next steps

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