MetLife Supports International Women’s Day 2018

As a proud supporting partner of International Women’s Day 2018, MetLife is encouraging people to take a pledge to #TransformtheFuture.  Deanne Stewart, CEO, MetLife, shares her thoughts on how we can work together to #TransformtheFuture for women in business.

What does it take for a minority to change the discourse?  Or in other words, what is the tipping point for an idea to spread from one to many?  Some figures suggest the tipping point for minority rule may be as low as 10 per cent. But even if we take a more conservative view of a 30 per cent tipping point, as women in financial services I’d say we’re well on our way. 

In financial services the overall workforce participation balance is tipped in favour of women, with WGEA data showing that women make up 55% of finance and insurance workers compared to 44% of men. However it’s when we start to look at senior leadership roles that we see this balance swing the other way; only 8% of CEO roles in our industry are held by women.

Whatever the tipping point, I believe we’re starting to see a natural momentum towards equality.  But that doesn’t mean complacency – we need to keep the conversation going to support this momentum – which is why we’re so proud to be a supporting partner of International Women’s Day 2018.

If collectively we support our female colleagues and bring more women into leadership positions, we’ll ensure it’s not the ‘token one’ that has to adapt and fit in, but rather the ‘power of many’ that will shape and create the environment we need to #TransformtheFuture.

MetLife is a proud supporting partner of International Women’s Day 2018 and we’re committed to supporting our female colleagues to reach their leadership potential through our Global Women’s Initiative.  Find out more about MetLife’s Global Women’s Initiative or take a pledge to #TransformtheFuture at the MetLife International Women’s Day website.