MetLife encourages advisers to access 360Health for themselves and their clients

MetLife Australia is calling on advisers to access 360Health to support their own health and better understand the value it provides their clients. 360Health is part of MetLife’s insurance offering at no additional cost to clients and is also available for advisers to access.

Healthspan – the length of time a person will be healthy – is an increasingly important consideration in financial planning. While people are living longer than previous generations, many will experience illness and require medical care as they age, which can be costly. Advisers can differentiate themselves by incorporating health planning into their client discussions.

360Health is MetLife’s award-winning health and wellbeing program, that empowers clients to increase their healthspan by giving them access to a range of digital health services and support at no additional cost.

With 85 per cent of claims linked to just 5 serious conditions, 360Health is focused on providing true end-to-end support in the areas of serious illness or conditions which are most likely to result in a future claim. MetLife 360Health makes it easy to access services to support a client’s return to health or prevent illness and injury.

MetLife Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Lina Saliba said: “How long you will live a healthy and active life is a critical consideration in planning a secure financial future. 360Health enables clients and advisers to proactively manage their health to improve their chances of being as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

“360Health services can be accessed at any time, not just when someone makes a claim, which means they are getting value from their life insurance with MetLife from the day they purchase the policy,” she said.

Financial advisers also benefit from 360Health, with MetLife making the services available to those with an adviser code.

Advisers are more likely than the average Australian adult to be at risk of mental health issues and are in the high-risk category for heart disease or stroke. This means many advisers could benefit from accessing 360Health services such as consultations with a Mental Health expert or support to build a diet and exercise plan which is tailored to them.

MetLife research shows that 6 out of 10 clients who are looking for a new adviser would value someone who could help them integrate their health planning with their financial planning.  Introducing health conversations into an adviser’s client value proposition also creates opportunities for more frequent and meaningful contact with existing clients which MetLife’s research shows is a key driver of retention and referrals.  That means there is a strong business case for advisers to understand programs such as MetLife’s 360Health program and how it can benefit clients.

Ms Saliba said: “Building a more confident future is about a person’s long term financial wellbeing, as well as their long-term health. Advisers have the opportunity to help their clients with both and build a stronger relationship that stands the test of time.”

To find out more here MetLife 360Health or contact your MetLife BDM.


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