Dubbo based financial adviser, Cassandra Scoble, started her career in general insurance where she realised that she wanted to do more than just help people insure their “stuff”.

Here, Cassandra shares with us her journey into financial advice and her top tip for those who are new to the industry.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m an Associate Financial Advisor with IEC Financial Advisory, which is in Dubbo. I wasn’t always Dubbo based and moved there for my husband after we met in Mudgee. I love Dubbo, the people are totally amazing and bringing up my kids in the country is a great experience.

When did you realise you wanted to be a financial adviser?

I fell into financial advice.

I didn’t feel totally fulfilled in general insurance and had a niggling desire to help people on a deeper level. I really enjoy life risk and estate planning and believe that protecting wealth is equally as important as creating wealth. Financial advice fits in with this and just made sense.

One of my favourite aspects of being a financial adviser is spending time with people, listening to their stories to find out what they want to achieve financially then helping them to set plans in motion to achieve those goals.

I also enjoy educating people about their finances and helping them to better understand their cash flow – the earlier, the better.

Why did you apply for a MetLife Progress grant?

I applied for the grant because I saw it as a really great opportunity to connect with other women in the industry – to learn about what they are doing and how they are providing fantastic advice to their clients.

You attended your first AFA Conference this year, what were the main highlights for you?

Meeting all the other women who were also MetLife Progress recipients. I have made a number of friendships from this, in fact, we have already had a couple of email exchanges since the conference.

Second to that was seeing Chelsea Pottenger speak about resilience and mental health. It’s such an important topic, and it is great to see a presentation that gave tips on how to work towards a healthier mind, as well as the neuroscience behind the suggestions.

Tell us a little about your experience as a MetLife Progress recipient so far.

The experience has been great! The conference was amazing to attend, but what I liked most was bouncing ideas off MetLife’s Digital Marketing Manager, Danny Nelson. Through this I was given the opportunity to film a short promo video to get out to the public. It is quite exciting to be developing a personal brand as a new adviser and MetLife have done a lot so far to help me achieve that goal!

Also, shout out to you all at MetLife, I love that the other MetLife Progress recipients were all from different types of businesses and backgrounds, and there is a great mix of both advisers and paraplanners, which is amazing.

I am looking forward to the next online catch up and future events.

What’s one tip you have for an adviser who is new to the industry?

Find a good mentor.

The power of a good mentor cannot be underestimated and having one has astronomically helped me and improved the advice I am able to give my clients by learning through their experiences.