Growing up in Europe as I did, you learn, work, and play with many different people with different languages, backgrounds, and customs. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to understand what shapes other people’s attitudes and behaviours, form deeper and more enduring relationships with people who can be very different to you, and provides valuable insights into people and situations.

Inclusion Week

This week across MetLife globally it’s Inclusion Week. This is an opportunity for all of us to unite in creating an environment where everyone is valued for their unique qualities and differences and feels a sense of belonging. At MetLife, we want to create a great place to work where great people thrive by encouraging people to understand and embrace others’ differences.

I’m very committed to participating in our local Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and leading our Culture activity stream. The Culture stream supports the wonderful mix of people, cultures, and identities we have in our Australian business.

For example, we have hosted Sydney University senior lecturer Dan Caprar, who presented on multi-culture and identities. We’ve held a women in finance event with our global diversity and inclusion leaders, where we learned about unlocking the innovative potential of a diverse workforce. We’ve also celebrated the Hindu Diwali festival, and the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras. This year, we’re planning to further increase awareness at MetLife Australia of the status and treatment of Aboriginal people in our society.

Culture Café

We kicked off this year’s Inclusion Week with a culture café lunch in our Sydney and Melbourne offices, giving our employees the opportunity to showcase and sample delicious dishes representing the culture they identify with.

I’m proud of the diverse and inclusive workforce and culture we have at MetLife Australia, enabling our staff to feel valued and respected.

Nina von Steinaecker, Senior Account Manager and Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee