The way we apply for jobs has changed due to COVID-19 and the art of interviewing has had to change too. Alex Hunter our Talent Acquisition Manager shares his tips for applying for jobs and interviewing with confidence.

What five tips can you give for the application and interview process?

  1. Don't be put off when applying for a job. If you think you're suitable for the role and you've got the skillset, don't be put off by the number of people who have applied. At MetLife we do go through every single application, every single CV.
  2. Always networking. It's one thing just sending through your CV or just applying for a job by clicking a button. If you know anybody who works at that business, reach out to them before you apply. This can help you refine your application and give you a better idea about the organisation and why you might want to work there.
  3. Ask for help. Reach out to your network and ask for advice on roles they might have heard about or suitable courses to do if you’re looking to boost your skills. This can be a great way to find out about new opportunities as well as stay connected with your network.
  4. Be yourself. When you're in an interview, don't feel embarrassed or scared. We're all working from home, so we’re all in the same boat, as they say. So be yourself. If your children or pets walk in, it's absolutely fine. It's how you deal with it will be what the interviewer will be most interested in.
  5. Prepare for your interview. Always double check that your technology is working before your scheduled interview. If you do end up having trouble, reach out to the interviewer and ask for help.

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