2021 sees Brad Barker nominated for the David Mico Education Award at this year’s ALUCA The Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association Life Insurance Excellence Awards  

David Mico set a high bar and left a great legacy at ALUCA, how do you feel to be nominated for this Award?

I’m really honoured, firstly that MetLife nominated me and secondly that ALUCA considered my nomination. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and enjoy sharing it with my team, colleagues and the industry to help us excel.

As an educator, what have you been most proud of?

Being able to help mentor the team, some who are new to the technical underwriting space and help them to grow and establish themselves as valuable members of the MetLife family

How do you help MetLife and the industry build for the future?

I’m an active member of the FSC underwriting committee and  represent MetLife in the development of genetics testing protocols, guidelines and approaches to help both MetLife and the broader insurance landscape.

Making life simpler for our partners is something that I tackle, and through COVID, we enabled our reinsurance partners to conduct virtual auditing by building the systems and connection frameworks to enable this to meet privacy requirements whilst still ensuring efficiency and efficacy.

By expanding the use of big data, we are enhancing UW practices/principles and UW rules engine rules with the aim to improve customer experience by only asking relevant questions and improved straight through processing while balancing the risk.

I am in a lucky position as I get to work with teams around the world and not only bring learnings back into the Australian market but also influence other teams around the globe as we do some amazing work here in Australia.

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