It’s a triple bill of expertise as we catch up with Sheri Moody, Cassandra Connelly, and Karren Toohey, the team running support for MetLife’s national adviser network.

What is your role at MetLife?

Cassandra: I’m a retail sales associate, primarily focused on the Victorian sales team. Day to day I support business development managers (BDMs) and advisers as well.

Sheri: I do similar work to Cass, and I look after NSW and the ACT.

Karren: I’m newest to the team and I look after SA, WA and QLD, supporting BDMs and ensuring advisers are fully equipped with what they need from our adviser portal and quoting tools.

What do you bring to the adviser experience?

Karren: Our role is really to go above and beyond with anything that will support advisers. The portal, assisting with quotes, anything that makes their life easier.

Sheri: As an example, based on input and feedback from advisers I’ve developed and enhanced the adviser quoting software, simplifying it to make the quoting software as easy as possible to use.

What excites you about MetLife Protect – how it’s developed and the benefits for the client and adviser?

Cassandra: The product and platform are heavily based on adviser feedback. The fact we can take feedback and enhance the platform has been a massive win. I came from a company where I didn’t feel like I had that level of involvement, so to come here and see that progress shows MetLife definitely listens. It makes me really proud to work here.

Sheri: We went into the marketplace about two years ago and from the continuous conversations with advisers, taking on board their suggestions and feedback, I think we’ve come out really strong. The product is really resonating with advisers and customers so we’re heading in the right direction.

What do you enjoy most about working at MetLife?

Karren: I’m a great believer in culture and the place is flooded with fantastic culture. The people, the camaraderie, the support, it is just amazing.

Cassandra: There is real empowerment here and being encouraged to have a voice is so important. But also, how the company has approached this whole working from home situation (COVID-19) and the general care we've been shown is just so good. It shows it’s not just culture, it’s good people and good leadership.

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

Sheri: I’m a long-standing life member of a local soccer club and I’ve been playing football for about 15 years now. I think most people probably think I’m a bit of a princess!

Cassandra: I was once a model for my local supermarket for two years when I was 20. It’s kind of random. And I might have performed once on The X Factor. Sssshhh!

Karren: I keep alpacas, sheep and Clydesdales. We’ve got a ram called Ramjet and when we have little lambs the alpacas' sole purpose in life is to protect the lambs from foxes.

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