Meet the Team: MetLife’s dynamic duo in SA, Andrew Bridgland and Karren Toohey

What are your roles at MetLife?

Andrew: I’m the State Manager. My role is to launch MetLife retail into South Australia and Western Australia and grow MetLife’s retail business through financial advisers.

Karren: I’m a Sales Associate and I make sure Andrew’s team has quality admin support so they’re ready to rock and roll.

What do you each bring to the adviser experience in South Australia?

Andrew: I've had a 38-year career in all areas of insurance and financial services and ran my own business for 12 years. What I bring to the table is more than just a product discussion. I’ll partner with you to help grow your business.

Karren: I make sure advisers and their support staff have all the help they need with quotes, online applications and staff training.

What are some of the ways you support advisers?

Andrew: Responsiveness. I commit to a 24-hour response time for enquiries.

Even if I don't have a solution yet, I’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

I’ll also be honest, approachable and listen to your ideas and concerns. If you need a PDS and it’s too late for a courier, I’ll jump in the car and drop it off, because you might be seeing a client that night.

I find ways to do those little things that turn service from good to great.

Karren: It's vital our service offering is outstanding compared to other providers, so for me it’s also the little things that make a difference.

I want the brand to succeed in South Australia, so I’ll always go over and above.

What stands out for you about your experience working at MetLife?

Karren: The culture is exceptional, in particular my onboarding experience. Everyone across the board has been awesome in supporting me to get up and running.

Andrew: I second that. But also, the sheer size of MetLife. Being part of a global organisation that offers so much support is a new experience and has been really welcome.

What's one thing most people you work with don't know about you?

Andrew: I started my career in a department store selling men's shoes.

Karren: I'm into horsepower and ride a Harley Davidson.

What excites you about MetLife Protect?

Andrew: It’s a completely different product than most in the marketplace. The modular approach is excellent because it caters for people’s different life stages and circumstances.

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