MetLife continues to use our global reach and local expertise to innovate within the insurance market. We’re excited to be the first in market with an API using new data standards that will, in the very near future, dramatically improve the experience of people making a life insurance claim.

MetLife has partnered with ACORD to develop Australia’s first Life Insurance claims lodgement API. This technology allows greater flexibility to improve technology implementation timelines and the overall member experience.

The standardised API has the potential to benefit all life insurance companies and superannuation funds and, most importantly, improve the experience during a claim.

Jeremy Simmons, Chief Marketing Officer MetLife Australia commented “MetLife is delighted to be donating, via ACORD, the API for other organisations to use as part of ACORD’s work in developing Australia-New Zealand Life Insurance Standards.

“Our objective is to provide the easiest and fastest experience possible – and this is vital during the claim experience which is often a very stressful time. The standardised API we have helped create will have broad usage and we’re looking forward to making further announcements about improving the overall experience in the near future” added Simmons.