It’s been one year since I joined MetLife. I never imagined one year ago that we would all be in lockdown and working from home, or that I would be managing the unique challenges of leading during a pandemic. But this is where I find myself.

As I reflect on my last year, at this most unusual and unsettling time, I am inspired by the strength and resilience of the MetLife team, who have all stepped up to the challenges this pandemic has presented. I have seen daily how MetLife people truly care and are always willing to go above and beyond to help each other and our customers. These are the things that I know will mean we come out of this a stronger business and a more effective team.

For me, some of the highlights of the past year include MetLife winning the ANZIIF Life Insurance Company of the Year award, seeing how our teams worked together and with our partners through the PMIF and PYS regulatory changes and the great work we have done (and are still doing) to reposition our Retail business. 

Looking ahead, there are a few priorities for us. First, we need to navigate through this pandemic and come out of it in good shape. We want to come out of this as a strong team and get on with continuing the momentum we had at the start of 2020.

Second, we need to continue to grow our group super and corporate business, where we are already well established. There are many opportunities for us to grow and strengthen relationships here. We need to adapt to an evolving market and if we do, we can come out in a position of strength.

Third, we need to further build our presence in the Retail market. We know it’s a difficult time for advisers, and it’s critical that we support them through these difficult times working together for the benefit of their clients.

Our enduring focus on our customers and working together with our business partners is one of the things that sets up apart, and that I am most proud of. This has been critical to our success while operating during a pandemic. Our customers and partners are under more pressure than ever before, and supporting them to come out the other side stronger, I hope will be a legacy of my leadership.

When I reflect on the last year and think about the future, I really do believe now is a great time to be at MetLife. We have a growth agenda. We are backed by a strong global parent. We have a really good culture. It’s a great place to work, and we are getting great people wanting to come and work for us.

I’m really looking forward to what the next few years will bring and what we can achieve together.

Richard Nunn
CEO, MetLife Australia