Meray El-Khoury, Head of Retail Distribution, reveals how MetLife has adapted to new ways of working and helping in response to the challenges of COVID-19.

What is MetLife doing to support advisers during COVID-19?

First and foremost, we are here to support our advisers as they support their clients during this time. We’ve done this by:

  1. Expanding the options to support customers facing financial hardship and communicating to advisers how we can help (more on this below).
  2. Developing Q&As to help answer common questions advisers and customers may have in relation to claims and underwriting:

Other ways we are supporting include:

  • Weekly webinars to help advisers stay connected to the key issues and meet their CPD point requirements for the year. Topics include: how to prepare for the FASEA exam, how to develop a growth mindset and exploring real-life insurance ethical dilemmas.
  • Developing a COVID-19 toolkit focused on mental health with content ranging from resilience through to diet and exercise. These resources are available on our website and advisers can also use these tools with their clients.
  • Conducting research with advised clients on the financial and mental health impacts of COVID-19.
  • Releasing a podcast series in the next few weeks so advisers can hear from each other and stay connected to their peers and the industry.
  • BDMs using the time saved from reduced travel to check in on advisers and offer more support than ever before.

What is MetLife doing to support advised clients who may be facing financial hardship?

We are focused on supporting advised clients with MetLife Protect* who are financially impacted due to COVID-19. Here are some of the benefits available:

  • Life Cover (including where it is bundled with TPD and Trauma) – up to three months premium waiver for involuntary unemployment.
  • Income Cover – up to three months premium waiver for involuntary unemployment.
  • Income Cover Professional Extras – Cover Pause feature – enables clients to request to reduce their Income Cover Monthly Cover Amount to 25% of the existing Monthly Cover Amount and then increase it again in the future under the specific policy rules.

For MetLife Protect clients not covered by the above (for example, only hold stand-alone Trauma and/or TPD Cover, or is not an ‘employee’ in the traditional sense) we will extend the premium waiver offer as outlined under the Life Cover feature for up to three months.

MetLife will also extend this premium waiver offer to all other retail insurance clients who hold legacy/off-sale products.

It is important to note that during the premium waiver period clients will still retain their insurance coverǂ.

We understand that not all clients’ situations are the same, so we encourage our advisers, on behalf of their clients, to contact their local MetLife BDM in the first instance to discuss how we can provide their clients with the assistance they need at this time.

We’re here for you. For more information contact your local contact your local MetLife BDM.