2021 sees Victor Tran nominated for the Excellence in Claims Award at this year’s The Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association (ALUCA) Life Insurance Excellence Awards.  

Well done on your nomination Victor. 2020 was a challenging year, can you share some of your highlights?

I was promoted to Team Leader for the MetLife Melbourne Claims team in April 2020, it was great to be recognised as a leader. I also obtained a Diploma of Leadership and Management and ran two external training sessions for MetLife partners, the first time I have run a training session. Early on in 2020, there were significant changes to reporting lines and I had to quickly adapt and manage a new set of clients. Simultaneously this meant that my previous client was now being managed by another team. I took this initiative on to develop a comprehensive eligibility guide for the team that was managing my previous clients to minimise the culture shock for the other team – all while coping with changes to my own team.

You have also been recognised beyond MetLife Australia.

Yes, I was lucky to work alongside my partners in MetLife Global for six weeks to complete detailed file audits to identify bottlenecks and areas of development. This project was only offered to a few of our assessors. I gained valuable insights with working with a diverse team.

As a leader what is important to you

Being a leader who can help his team continuously develop and become the best at what they are trying to achieve. Also, to help instil a drive for Claims Excellence to get the best outcomes for our customers.

I am a firm believer of the saying ‘the standard you walk past is the standard you accept” and I apply this to my coaching.

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