For one of our customers, life couldn’t have been more challenging, when MetLife stepped up to lend a helping hand. This customer was a healthy 36 year old, living life to the fullest, when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

The future looked bleak when he found himself in hospital, with bandages strapped over a large wound on his shaven scalp. Rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy were to follow and tasks such as reading, that were simple just a few days before, were now incredibly challenging.

As this customer started to work towards recovery, he had to negotiate the side effects of his treatment, including fatigue, “brain fog” and trouble with his memory. He became socially isolated, and his confidence, self-esteem and self-identity suffered. He struggled to see a way to return to work, and regain his sense of purpose.

But, MetLife was there ready to help. While our customer struggled to see the path ahead, MetLife decided taking a holistic approach to our support was the best way forward. We sought flexible work arrangements, an incremental return to full time employment, and found strategies to help him manage the physical side effects of his treatment, such as seizures and fatigue, and workplace stress. By providing these strategies MetLife was able to support this customer’s mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as his physical wellbeing.

We’re pleased that to say this customer is progressing well with his recovery. Returning to work has allowed him to reconnect with his community, and start to rebuild his confidence and self-identity. He is now working full-time, travelling, painting and enjoying his time with his family. He is also exploring treatment to build his memory and processing, and taking his recovery day-by-day.