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Employee Performance

Financial wellness matters

Financial wellness matters

Financial Wellness is the state of being in strong financial health so that an individual can successfully manage day-to-day finances, protect against unplanned expenses and financial shocks, and plan and save for the future. READ MORE
The evolving workforce

The evolving workforce  

We share key insights from our US 2019 Employee Benefits Trends Study on how organisations can thrive in today’s evolving workforce.  READ MORE
Sleep tips

Sleep tips to improve your week

Could your sleep habits be affecting your performance at work? A good night’s sleep may seem like a lower priority than catching up on emails (or binge-watching the latest Netflix show), but it’s essential for focus and critical thinking. READ MORE
Employee Engagement

5 Reasons Why Table Tennis is Great for Employee Engagement

At MetLife we believe corporate culture drives strategy which is why we have dedicated committees aimed at supporting employees physically, socially and emotionally in order to create a great place to work.   READ MORE