To find the perfect work/life balance is hard and not something I have always been able to achieve. Working in a truly inclusive workplace certainly helps and I have never worked somewhere that is as committed as MetLife is to making the workplace so inclusive. Being able to bring your whole self to work every day takes away the stress of trying to be someone you are not, colleagues accept you for who you are and listen to your opinions.

Some of the tips I have learned over time to help achieve work/life balance are:

  • to prioritise what you love and what makes you happy.
  • that work should not only support those things in your life but it should also be one of the sources that makes you happy and allows you to connect with a meaningful purpose.
  • I personally love that I work for a caring organisation and that I get to be involved with developing others. This makes me genuinely happy to be here when I have a million other things I need to be doing at home or looming deadlines.
  • to take the time to pri​oritise my involvement in ac​tivities that provide me with great satisfaction and purpose, such as being a part of a Thrive committee and participating in volunteer days.
  • engage in activities and work that are aligned to what might be important to you.
  • to have open conversations with your leader and work together to come up with a solution that allows you to prioritise your enjoyment of work and life and to ensure you are at your best to be effective at both.
  • to never stop learning at work. Learning and growth can do wonders for motivation and happiness and be a path to achieving your goals.
  • and of course to always be true to yourself and never be afraid to have a voice.


Kath Jordan Senior Technical Training Consultant and Member of  the MetLife Social Committee