Help stay on track while working from home with these four micro steps:

Set an exercise routine for at least half an hour per day

  • Put some music and get moving. There are plenty of video workouts to leverage online. Working out with a community online seems to be the new buzz in absence of gyms. People in large numbers around the world are working out with live Instagram video channels, subscribing to YouTube fitness channels, or simply streaming brick-and-mortar home videos. Join the movement and get moving!

Keep the wake-up and sleeping hour routines

  • Keeping an organised bedtime routine ensures your days keep running the same way without disrupting your daily habits, including food intake.
  • A good night sleep also helps your metabolism which can be beneficial for both your immunity and weight management.

Keep your diet routines

  • Prepare homemade healthy and easy meals.
  • Drink a lot of water to feel full.
  • Keep having your supplements if you usually take any, based on your medical doctor’s advice (iron, vitamin D, etc.).

Take a shower and get dressed in the morning

  • Clothes are typically tighter than pyjamas which could help you keep your food intake in check.
  • It is also a good reminder that you’re not on vacation, keeping your overall mindset and lifestyle also in check.

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