Mental Health is as important as physical health to us at MetLife, and our organisation, supported by our Health Wellbeing and Safety (HWS) Thrive committee, is focused on bringing our people together regularly to discuss this important topic.

Research tells us that one in six working aged people are living with a mental illness. In the insurance and financial industries, MetLife’s partner Superfriend found more than a quarter of us experience very high levels of stress  at work and only 13% feel highly engaged compared to the 19% national average.

As an industry, we need to do more. It is well known that by providing a safe platform for people to be open about mental health issues leads to more people feeling able to seek the help that they need, and ultimately productivity and performance in the workplace is enhanced.

At MetLife, we encourage openness and want our people to feel comfortable raising mental health issues with their colleagues, managers or leaders. Or to feel they can seek help when they need it. Our employee assistance program makes sure they get that help confidentially so they can get back on the path to mental wellness.

This Thursday 12 September we will be supporting R U OK? Day with a special event and helping our people to know the signs, trust their gut and ask the question of their colleagues – R U OK?

Larah James
Thrive HWS Committee Representative