From improving your overall health and wellbeing to helping you make friends and learn new skills, there are lots of reasons why volunteering is good for you, your workplace and your community.

Here are our top five.

1. Your health and wellbeing

There’s tons of research online that shows the positive impact volunteering has on stress levels, mental health and overall happiness. If you’re doing manual labour like gardening or painting, it’s just as good as a gym workout. Volunteering can boost your confidence and it's good for the soul as you’re giving something back to the community. 

2. Your community spirit

In 2014, volunteers in Australia contributed 743 million hours to the community. Many charities and not-for-profits have limited budgets and rely on volunteers and donations in order to keep going. Donating a day out of your schedule can be worth its weight in gold for some. 

3. Your skills

While you can learn a lot of new skills through volunteering, it's also a great opportunity to brush up on existing skills like communication, delegation, leadership, problem solving and working effectively in a team. If you give a lot, you’ll get a lot back. 

4. Your career

Your volunteering experience can give you the edge when going for a promotion or a new role in another company. Showing you’re passionate about giving back to your community counts for a lot. In fact, it’s one of the things more and more hiring managers and recruiters consider when looking at potential candidates. 

5. Your relationships

Volunteering creates a special connection between people through a shared experience where you’ve made a difference. It can often result in new friendships and help you connect with people in your organisation you might not usually interact with.

At MetLife Australia we’re committed to protecting people’s lifestyles, ensuring a future in which we can continue helping our employees, communities and partners thrive.  We do this through our partnerships with organisations that promote mental health and wellbeing, resilience and inclusion, together with active employee volunteerism, charitable donations and our focus on sustainability.