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Give Your Heart Some Love

Health and Wellbeing

Supporting super fund members on their health journey.

Adding value to Insurance Inside Super

As an insurer, we recognise that sometimes individuals need support, not just when faced with an accident or illness, but at other stages of their life

In particular, in recent years, we have seen the increased prevalence of mental health issues in both the workplace and the community in general, which might have been prevented or reduced if individuals had access to the appropriate tools and support.

Our response has been to develop MetLife Health and Wellbeing - a holistic, integrated suite of tools, services and resources, that complements our insurance products, and helps your members to manage their health, and in particular, their mental health and wellbeing, across all stages of their health journey.

Our approach focuses on members as both individuals and employees, taking into account mind, body, and environmental life and work factors.