Protect The Employees Of Your Small Organisation

Big business cover — for your small business

As a small business owner, you handpick a team of people who share your vision and work hard to make it happen. So you want to attract and keep the right people, and support them should the unexpected happen.

That's where income protection comes in — helping you look after your employees and keep your business running. And with MetLife, you get all the perks of a big business when protecting your employees with group insurance.

Benefits for your business

Tailored cover

Group insurance is no longer exclusive to large employers — if you have 12 or more employees, we'll provide customised cover for your staff and business.

Affordable premiums

Our premiums are generally tax deductible and can be less than 1% of your payroll, making it easy to manage your cashflow.*

Staff loyalty

Offering cover as an employee benefit boosts loyalty among existing employees, and helps you attract the right people for your business.**

Faster recovery

Our early intervention and rehabilitation services promote health and wellbeing among your staff — and supports them to return to work sooner.

Greater flexibility

Because employees will receive a monthly benefit if they're off work due to disability, you'll have the financial flexibility to put back up staff in place — and keep the business running smoothly.

* Taxation law is complex and this information has been prepared as a guide only and does not represent taxation advice. Please see your tax adviser for independent taxation advice.
** MetLife, Employee Benefit Trends Study Australia, 2014

Benefits for your employees

Peace of mind

Your employees can be confident they'll have the financial assistance they need if they're injured, become ill or are permanently incapacitated.

A supportive workplace

By offering benefits that have their best interests at heart, your employees will feel valued and appreciated — increasing their job satisfaction.

A higher level of cover

The income protection cover you provide for your staff will help bridge the gap in underinsurance. Plus, they'll have the freedom and flexibility to continue the cover if they stop working for you.

The leading global provider of employee benefits

  • 90 million customers in almost 50 countries
  • 65,000 employees worldwide
  • Relationships with over 90 of the top 100 Fortune 500® companies
  • More than $4.3 trillion of life insurance protection in force
  • Nearly $50 billion paid to policy holders worldwide in 2013
  • Over 1 million Australians covered with our life insurance

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