Providing super solutions

We believe that collaboration is the key to ensuring the best outcomes for you and for your members. That’s where strong partnerships are crucial: to create a common vision and culture across our organisations that allows us to grow and develop together.

We aim to serve your members’ needs by designing customer centred insurance solutions. Combining our experience as a global insurer with our commitment to continuous improvement, we ensure a seamless and quality end-to-end process — from application and underwriting, to claims and service.

Why partner with us?

Personalised customer experience

We believe in treating our customers as the unique individuals they are — and putting their needs first every time.

That's why we set up our Empathy-in-Action™ program, to train our staff in offering the best care for clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Our claims team shares our Spirit-of-the-Words™ philosophy, focusing not on the clauses of the policy but on the vision imbued in them.

A clear and simple process

We make our claims process simple, transparent and easy to understand — so your members always know what we need from them.

Our MetLife eToolkit™ builds customer engagement throughout the process, ensuring clear and compelling communications at every touch point.

By managing customer expectations, we create shorter and simpler claims cycles for you — reducing complaints and strengthening customer loyalty.

Our global advantage

Our position as the leading insurance provider worldwide gives us the MetLife Global Advantage™. Pooling our resources from around the globe, we offer our customers best practice and better value.

With MetLife, you get world-class service — at affordable prices. We know how to meet your customers’ needs, wherever in the world they are.

Proactive life insurance

We ensure our customers get the lifestyle protection they need — for today and tomorrow. Our initiatives are transforming life insurance into proactive care.

Our health and wellness program, MetRise, assesses the health and lifestyle needs of each individual — creating positive long term outcomes, including lower claims and better premiums.

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