We believe in working together to create great solutions for our business partners and customers. And we’re about supporting our customers in good times and bad, with excellence in service and care.;

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Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We welcome and value your feedback.


We understand that making a claim comes at one of the most traumatic times in our customers' or their family's lives. We aim to provide simplicity, clarity and support.

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We believe in showing care and understanding to our customers at all times. That means listening and showing respect to what they have to say – even when it's something we don't like to hear.

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We have collated all our forms into a single location which you can access from anywhere at a time that suits you.


At MetLife, everything we do is with the view of enhancing our customer’s insurance experience. We provide a wide range of online tools.

Thought Leadership

Our Thought Leadership offers the latest in industry research, international case studies, white papers and more.