Whatever stage of your health journey you’re at and whatever support you need, MetLife 360Health has you covered.

  • Support to improve your health when you are well.
  • Tools and services for when you are becoming unwell.
  • Comprehensive claims support and recovery services for when you need more than just financial support.

Most people, over the course of their life, will experience a mental health challenge of some kind.

360Health is here to help you build your knowledge and arm you with strategies for dealing with mental health challenges you might experience.

Get your personal nutrition plan in place.

You can discuss general wellbeing approaches to diet with an accredited dietitian and receive a personalised action plan – from the comfort of your home.

Feel fitter and healthier with a personalised fitness plan. 

Our Fitness and Mobility service provides you with quick and tailored advice to help you achieve your fitness or recovery goals.

A second, expert opinion for added peace of mind. 

We know that living with medical conditions and hearing a diagnosis can be overwhelming and sometimes quite confusing. An Expert Medical Opinion can help you to understand your diagnosis further and, if necessary, may recommend alternative treatment options.

Personalised health advice from experts. 

Skip the uncertain web searches. You have access to healthcare profesisonals who provide personalised, expert advice for your medical questions.

Empowering your path to recovery.

MetLife 360Health stands with you through the challenges of recovering from severe injuries or health issues, offering support whether you're aiming to stay at work or planning a return.

Helping to defend you against serious health conditions, so you can live healthier for longer.

MetLife has provided thousands of customers in Australia with clarity around their diagnosis and management of health-related issues with:

We can also guide you on preventative measures to help avoid serious illness.

MetLife 360Health Services

Mental Health

Get confidential support for your mental health



Openly discussing your nutrition goals with a dietitian can help you take control of your health. 


Fitness and Mobility

Help with improving your general health and fitness, or support with your recovery from injury or surgery.


Expert Medical Opinion

Want to get a second opinion on a symptom, diagnosis, treatment or surgery?


Ask a Clinician

Get your medical question answered


Recovery Support

Supporting your recovery journey  


Book a mental health review 

 If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, or have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, you can speak to a professional by booking an in-depth confidential mental health review through 360Health.

Making an appointment with an expert who can tailor a mental health plan to your situation can be a positive turning point. Available to persons 18+ years.

Book a nutrition consult

Advice to help you make healthy food choices relevant to your lifestyle, food preferences and nutrition-related conditions. You have access to a qualified dietitian to help you build a personalised plan based on your nutrition and wellbeing goals.

Talk to an exercise physiologist

360Health offers expert guidance to help you build healthy exercise habits. You can also discuss your fitness with an exercise physiologist and receive a tailored action plan designed to help you achieve your goals.

Ease your mind with a second opinion

Medical opinions from global experts and specialist doctors who will review your medical files to provide their clinical opinion and treatment recommendations.

Ask a medical question

A quick and easy way to have your medical questions answered by a GP, Paediatrician or Mental Health Clinician within 24 hours through an app-based service. 

We are here to help

If you are a member insured by MetLife and you already have a serious illness or injury, find out how we can help you get back to work as well as doing the things you love with our MetLife Recovery Support program.

Getting back on your feet after a severe injury or other health crisis can be less overwhelming if you have experts to lean on. That’s where 360Health can make life a lot easier – at a time when you need comfort most.


MetLife 360Health, helping you live healthier for longer.

* The term 'family' consists of your parents, parents in-law, partner and children.

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