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Insights into the attitudes, behaviours and expectations of current and potential advice clients to help advisers build long-term relationships.

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Thought Leadership

2018: Insurance Inside Super Report presents key findings and insights on awareness, attitudes and engagement of Australian men and women with their finances, superannuation and insurance. The report is designed to offer leaders and professionals in the superannuation and insurance industries as well as regulators and government bodies plus consumer advocates an easy reference guide to current trends and findings.

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2016 - This paper is based on groundbreaking research that provides an overall picture of the impact of gut health on today's employees and their employers. The whitepaper aims to provide simple guidance to employers/employees around maintaining healthy gut microbes – through diet and behavior – and by doing so how employees could drastically improve resistance to chronic disease, acute illness and stress, as well as their overall well-being.

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2015 - MAXIS Global Benefits Network presents an insightful paper on the possible effects of stress and provides tips on how global employers can use new, evidence-based approaches to acknowledge, manage and ultimately reduce the impact of stress on their employees — and bottom lines.

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2015 - The white paper will provide new insights on why-rested employees are more vital in the workplace, how sleep deprivation can lead to chronic diseases, and what employees and employees can do to prevent insufficient sleep from hijacking productivity, health and cognitive capacity.

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