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Protecting your employees

Our highly dedicated insurance specialists are here to help you and your employees get the protection you need.

It's a well-known fact that, as an employer, your most valuable assets are your people.

If you want to attract and retain the right people, then you need to ensure they’re always looked after. That’s where life insurance comes in — so your employees and their loved ones know they will be taken care of should the unexpected happen.

With our local knowledge backed by our global reach and expertise, we know how to tailor insurance to the needs of your company and your people. Our corporate insurance specialists work in partnership with you to find the best solutions for your business, provide data-driven insights into your employee needs — and offer compassionate care when your employees need help through tough times.

Why partner with MetLife?

A seamless process

We make our claims process simple, transparent and easy. Our personalised approach is tailored to the needs of each client, as a dedicated case manager guides them through their claim with empathy and care.

With clear and compelling communications at each touch point, we build customer engagement throughout our claims process, so your employees receive the right support when they need it.

Valuable customer insights

We believe in putting our customers at the centre of everything we do, which is why we are continually improving our data collection and reporting. We invest in our own people, technology and processes, so we can expand our capabilities and deliver even deeper insights into your employees and their needs. This means we’re able to provide you with easy access to information wherever you are — with reporting solutions tailored to your business and staff.

Our global advantage

As we continue to expand our global reach, we have built a deep understanding of industry regulations, practices and culture across the world. As one of the few insurers who confidently deliver to the unique needs of any global workforce, regardless of their size or location, our specialists draw on this knowledge to tailor solutions for your company.

A network of benefits

MetLife 360Health

Your employees expect the best support from you, including supporting their health. MetLife 360Health is an online health solution that gives your employees access to global medical specialists, general practitioners, mental health clinicians, and select allied health practitioners. Whether your employees need mental health support, nutrition advice, fitness and recovery guidance, or expert medical opinions, they can use MetLife 360Health as often as they need.

Plus, their partner and children can also access the medical and wellbeing services. MetLife 360Health is an award-winning online offering that helps your employees live healthier for longer.

MAXIS Global Benefits Network

MAXIS Global Benefits Network is one of the world’s largest employee benefits networks — of which we’re proud to be a part. Through MAXIS, we offer benefits and capabilities to more than 1.5 million staff, employed by over 750 multinational firms, across 110 markets worldwide.

Partnering with us will enable you to access this global network. 

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