Who We Are

Our role is to help safeguard you and your family. To protect you from financial uncertainty should something unplanned happen to you.

MetLife in Australia 

MetLife Australia is a leading provider of life insurance, partnering with employers, super funds and financial advisers to help Australians protect the lifestyle they love – and providing help when they need it most.

Backed by over 150 years of history and a strong global presence, we have the scale and experience to be a valued and trusted partner in business.

MetLife protects customers in over 40 countries worldwide, and leads the market in corporate insurance solutions in the US, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

What we stand for

We stand for life insurance solutions that provide a genuine benefit and the right level of care that is easy to understand. We believe life is for living, not for worrying about what could go wrong.

Our insurance products are designed to help our customers move through life with financial confidence. We’re here to support our customers in good times and bad, with excellence in service and care. 

We believe in working together to create effective insurance solutions for our business partners and customers. 

We are an award-winning insurer 



We aim for a future where our customers, their loved ones, and their finances are protected.

Always with you, building a more confident future.

We are different because we are genuinely focused on the needs of our customers. 

Many Australians are looking for ways to protect their lifestyles, their families and the things they value. Our ambition is to provide our customers with the fastest, easiest and most caring life insurance experience.

We use our global strength and expertise to innovate and develop insurance products and services that are relevant, simple and accessible, that truly meet the needs of our customers and help lay the foundation for a more confident future.

We treat our customers with empathy and compassion, and support them through some of the most vulnerable and stressful moments in their lives.

We know this is a privilege.


Code of Practice

MetLife proudly adopts the Council of Australian Life Insurers Code of Practice, which outlines the time frames we must meet when managing claims, and the steps we must take to communicate with you if we are unable to. The code also outlines how we can provide support to customers with special needs or in financial hardship.