SuperFriend and MetLife pilot innovative approach for customers

Workplace mental health specialist SuperFriend has been working with life insurance partner, MetLife Australia, to pilot an innovative new program designed to provide enhanced support to customers navigating a claim.

The program uses a Person-Centred Communication approach (also known as 'motivational interviewing'), which has delivered improved outcomes internationally for both customers and the claims management teams supporting them. The program's techniques equip the claims manager and the person on claim to develop personalised goals for optimal outcomes and an improved quality of life.

SuperFriend has developed the tailored program for Australian insurers and claims managers, incorporating in-depth research from its extensive industry partnerships.

MetLife is the first insurer to pilot an early release of SuperFriend's program, highlighting its commitment to a customer-focussed, empathetic approach to claims. The pilot training program for MetLife staff aims to validate the approach, showing a demonstrable impact on improved customer outcomes. Following the pilot, SuperFriend plans to roll out the program to other insurers.

Person-Centred Communication is a well-tested approach to working with customers which involves taking into consideration the whole self. In a claims situation, this means the claims assessor partners with the person on claim to understand their unique situation and collaborate to resolve the claim and help the person back to health.

Margo Lydon, CEO, SuperFriend reflecting on the innovative pilot, said: “Making a claim can be a really challenging and daunting experience and is the last thing many people feel like doing when they're unwell or injured. This approach is designed to make the process a lot ’human’ by empowering the person claiming and equipping the claims manager with a broader range of skills for enhanced engagement. We're really pleased to be working with MetLife to improve outcomes for Australians.”

Mark Raberger, Head of Health, MetLife said: “Claims are a moment of truth for us – this is where we really show what we mean by caring. We’ve been working with SuperFriend for many years now to deliver the best possible experience for our customers and support our claims assessors who play a critical role in that process. It speaks volumes that SuperFriend have chosen to partner with us for this pilot – it’s exciting to be part of refining an approach to deliver best practice claims management.”

The pilot commenced in August and will conclude in early 2020.”

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