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Company Insurance

Protect your employees when they need it most

Company Insurance

Your employees are the heart of your business. So it makes sense to nurture and support them to be their best.

Part of that is ensuring that they have a safety net in place when things go wrong, with quality life insurance they can count on.

MetLife offers a range of life insurance solutions to Australian companies - both inside and outside super - helping you attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

MetLife can provide quality cover that protects your employees in the event of death, terminal illness and total and permanent disability - either inside or outside super.

Company life insurance for employees
Stand out among other employers
Insurance for large organisations
Available to all large organisations

Enjoy quality insurance cover for your employees if your company employs 50 people or more.

Insurance as employee benefits
A valuable part of your benefits program

Add value to your employee benefits program and increase staff loyalty, by offering your employees quality insurance that protects them against the unexpected.

Customised insurance
Customised to suit your needs

Our experienced corporate insurance specialists will work with you to find and quote the best solutions for your business, then customise them to suit your needs.

Easy insurance cover for employees
Quick convenient cover for employees

MetLife can generally provide all your employees with an agreed certain level of insurance cover, without them having to be individually assessed, subject to eligibility criteria.

Give your employees the support they deserve
Life insurance benefit
Protection for what’s important

Group life insurance provides a valuable lump sum benefit for individuals to support and protect them when they need it most – with cover for total and permanent disability, terminal illness and death.

Potential discount on life insurance premiums
Potentially lower cost cover

Because the insurance is provided to a group, your employees may be able to get cover at a lower cost than they otherwise could as an individual. 

Employee benefits
A supportive work culture

Group insurance can be part of your employee benefits program, helping to create a supportive and attractive work culture for employees.

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