Your health is your greatest asset. It plays such a huge role in how you experience all parts of your life, including your relationships, work and leisure. So, it's well worth protecting.

We're investing in ways to help you look after our customers' most important asset with MetLife 360Health: a program we've designed based on our global experience of helping millions of people in their recovery from setbacks.

While MetLife can certainly help customers with financial protection when they need it most, we also want to help them improve their ‘healthspan’ – their potential to live healthier for longer.

360Health combines expert knowledge with support and tools to help our customers deal with health concerns early. If they experience a setback, it includes access to services to help you recover as well as access to ongoing care and financial support, if required.

Focus on the positive: learn how to improve  healthspan

The simplest way to improve your chances of having a longer healthier life is to be careful about how you look after your body and mind.

We know it can be difficult sorting good advice from fads, so we're bringing together world-class expertise and research about ways to enhance your healthspan through 360Health.

It starts with education: most of us have a pretty good idea about what foods are healthy, especially fruit and vegetables. And the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise are well known. But we've found through our research with MetLife customers that a lot of people aren't sure of the health risks they might face based on their lifestyles as well as simple techniques to avoid serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease and mental health issues.

One of the things we do to help protect our customers from some of life's challenges is work with industry groups to improve mental health in the workplace. A great example is our partnership with SuperFriend, which works with insurers, super funds and related businesses to guide employers on managing some of the big mental health issues in the workplace, such as stress.

It aims to improve organisations' policies and education around mental health and promotes friendly environments - an important step towards making workplaces better to come to every day.

360Health: Early detection of health issues saves lives

While it's clear our customers can reduce some of the biggest health risks with lifestyle changes, it's also worth learning more about what can be done to identify health issues early and get the right diagnosis and plan.

We've seen MetLife customers recover well from health issues that were diagnosed, screened and treated early at the first sign of a condition.

Early diagnosis and screening of cancer, for example, can significantly improve the likelihood of successful treatment, according to the World Health Organisation. In 2016, Cancer Research UK reported the survival rate for people with eight of the most common cancers is three times higher when the disease is detected and treated early. So we're encouraging our customers to pay attention to recent calls from Cancer Council Australia and ensure their screening for cancers is up-to-date.

We also urge them to tap into 360Health Virtual Care – MetLife’s comprehensive, customised and integrated virtual health care program. When customers join Virtual Care, a member of our clinical team assesses their needs and puts them in contact with specialists in mental health, nutrition or general wellbeing.

Alternatively, they may receive an in-depth review of their physical condition by a leading global expert or discuss their medical queries with an Australian GP via the phone or email. At all times, customers receive expert guidance as well as ongoing support, with maximum speed and convenience.

360Health promotes both your physical and mental health

Through 360Health, we're also supporting customers through our partnership with GoShare Healthcare, which provides an evidence-based health information library called Healthily.

Healthily provides bundles for clients with videos, information and fact sheets including information about treatment and care plans, along with tips from mental health support services such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue and The Black Dog Institute to help cope while receiving treatment.

We believe mental health is as important as physical health. Our Employee Benefits Trends Studies (EBTS) show Australian workers are more concerned about emotional wellbeing than medical issues. And it's why we created our NOURISH program, which provides genuine personalised support to help customers on claim return to health.

And if your clients haven't had a check-up with your doctor recently, we encourage them to book it in.

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