You can support your members after an injury right through their recovery and return to work — with access to quality rehabilitation services.

We believe everyone should have access to the best care available following an injury which is why we ensure quality treatment to support your members at every step of their journey back to health.


Returning to work is an integral part of the recovery process, with a range of proven benefits on an individual’s physical and mental health — from improving confidence and social skills, to relieving financial stress and instilling a sense of purpose.

What’s more, studies have shown that a long term absence from employment has a negative health impact. In fact, the longer a person is out of work, the less likely they are to ever return. A person who is off work for 20 days has a 70% chance of getting back into the workforce, which is halved to just 35% for a person who stops working for 70 days.[1]

So for the improved physical and mental wellbeing of your members, and to ensure a faster return to work after an injury, they can take advantage of two quality services: early intervention and occupation rehabilitation.


An Early Intervention Service provides support for members through the initial stages of the injury management process and sets them on the right path for a proper recovery. It may consist of different rehabilitation services and treatments, tailored to the individual’s needs and the nature of the injury.

At MetLife, we partner with employers and health professionals to care for the needs of each employee, and put a personalised health plan in place. By supporting a smooth and timely return to work, our Early Intervention Service can help relieve the physical, social and mental impacts of being out of the workforce — improving the quality of life for your members.


Once a claim has been lodged, a member is supported by the Occupational Rehabilitation team — made up of their employer, experienced health professionals, and insurance specialists. Occupation rehabilitation helps ease the path to recovery by providing additional services such as workplace assessments, counselling support, functional exercise programs, case conferences with doctors, and life and health coaching.

Through our Occupation Rehabilitation Services, we assess the employee’s most suitable employment options and customise a return-to-work plan. Based on each individual’s needs and the severity of their injury, the outcomes may range from a transition back to their previous role, job seeking support, or retraining and up-skilling where necessary.

[1] Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Australian and New Zealand Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Work, 2011