Keeping children entertained on the weekend and during school holidays can take a toll on your finances. To help, the MetLife 360Health team have created a list of 10 easy ways to amuse children that won't break the bank.

1. Camp out, or in 

Pitch a tent and spend the night camping under the stars in the backyard. Don't have a tent, or a back yard? Then make a couch fort with pillows and sheets in the living room. 

2. Kids in the Kitchen  

There are lots of simple recipes where the kids can participate in making and of course - eating. If you're concerned about baking in a hot oven, then choose something that needs chilling, like homemade ice blocks.

3. Host a Movie Night 

Designate a night with the family to watch a variety of movies you and the kids will love. Include popcorn and other treats for the full cinema effect.

4. Dress ups 

Let them loose in your wardrobe and prepare to be amazed at the original outfits they create as they strut down the runway. 

5. Discover a new park 

Find a park that you've never been to. It will be more fun when they can run around and explore new things. Why not pack some food and have a picnic.

6. Beach trip 

Heading to the beach on a hot day is generally a guaranteed fun day out. Here’s a list of the best beaches in Australia. Be sure to pack some snacks, drinks, lots of water and of course...the sunscreen! 

7. Enjoy a cultural experience at the Museum 

They may not jump for joy at the mention of this activity but many museums offer free or inexpensive children's admissions, and have incredible activities and programs designed specifically to entertain the kids. 

8. Get crafty  

The possibilities for arts and crafts is endless. Some options are: painting, creating jewellery  or even grow a succulent garden. 

9. Road trip to visit your family & friends 

Take a trip to see family or friends, especially grandparents, which is a treat for everyone. If you have a long drive ahead, have a few games up your sleeve to keep them entertained such as Name that Tune or 20 Questions. 

10. Playdates 

There's no better way to keep kids entertained than with OTHER kids! Invite some of their neighbours or friends over for the day. Be sure to have your activity materials at the ready - balls, bats, art materials, dress ups and of course, food!