Curious about what the world might look like when the post-downturn economy reveals itself? Cara Williams, and Rebecca Maher, Managing Director of Proforce Wealth, reveal it may be full of opportunity.

We’re living in unprecedented times. Or are we?

Not to devalue the current state of the world, but history is littered with dark times that were followed by periods of incredible human progress – the Renaissance began after the Plague, for example.

Here are some ways you can potentially create your own Renaissance.

Get online and start upskilling

Cara: Whether you’d like to advance in your current career or make a change to a new and better career, it's a great time to upskill – especially if you’ve lost your job or have more spare time. Take advantage of the many free online learning resources including:

If you do have to pay for your online course, it will be worth it in the long run. When the job market rebounds, you’ll be in a better position to beat the competition with a new and improved skill set and qualifications.

From difficulty comes opportunity

Rebecca: It’s easy to focus on the doom and gloom but there is an argument that reaching your financial goals may be easier after the downturn.

As the world changes, you may discover opportunities you hadn’t considered before, or thought were out of your reach, such as buying a house.

And given the reset in the share market, there may well be some terrific buying opportunities for those looking at getting into the share market and investing for the long term.

Update your CV

Cara: Now is the time to update your CV to make sure it goes to the top of the pile when jobs are once again available after this situation passes.

Also, take some time to look at your career from a big picture view:

  • Where do you want to be in the future?
  • What sort of work would make you happy?
  • Examine your priorities and goals. Do they need tweaking so you’re prepared for success in the new normal?

Find out what you need to do to get that job you’ve always wanted.

Make a plan for success

Rebecca: Despite the downturn, many people are looking to the future. And it's exciting to think about what possibilities the future may hold.

Now is the time to start reconsidering your options, reprioritising your goals – and setting new ones.