Alongside the natural process of menopause, women often experience symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, decreased bone density, weight gain, and sleep disturbances. These changes can have a profound impact on overall wellbeing and quality of life as well as on families and loved ones.

Managing menopausal symptoms depends on individual circumstances, relationships, and overall health. Empowerment through tips and tools for comfort during this phase is crucial.

Menopause may cause you to feel challenged by things that were not front of mind before, you may start to feel more anxious and apprehensive about what’s to come next or even feel like people see you differently or have changed their opinion about you because you are going through menopause.

How can 360Health help?

MetLife's 360Health offer provides a comprehensive range of services uniquely positioned to address the specific needs of women and their families going through menopause:

  • Mental Health Assist through 360Health, gives access to Australian psychologists and psychiatrists who specialise in supporting individuals managing the psychological effects of menopause. These professionals can provide guidance and strategies to help women and their families navigate this transition more effectively.

  • Expert Medical Opinion - MetLife's 360Health offer grants access to leading global experts in menopause. These experts can provide personalised advice and guidance on treatment options, diagnosis, and management of menopause-related concerns. This service ensures that women receive accurate and up-to-date information from trusted professionals.

  • Nutrition Consult - Menopause brings about changes in dietary needs. The 360Health program offers virtual consultations with clinical dieticians who can create tailored action plans to address the evolving nutritional requirements during menopause. These consultations aim to optimise nutrition, manage weight, and alleviate symptoms through appropriate dietary adjustments.

  • Fitness and Recovery - To support changing activity needs during menopause, MetLife 360Health provides virtual consultations with exercise physiologists. These professionals can develop customised fitness plans that consider the physical changes and challenges associated with menopause. By promoting regular physical activity and tailored exercise routines, this service helps improve overall fitness, manage weight, and enhance well-being.

  • Ask a Clinician - we understand the importance of addressing immediate concerns and queries related to menopause. Through the "Ask a Clinician" service, women can easily submit quick questions and receive responses within 24 hours from qualified doctors or mental health clinicians. This service allows women to seek guidance on specific menopause-related issues, such as sleep disturbances, and receive expert advice and relevant tips.

MetLife 360Health is uniquely positioned to support women going through menopause and their families. It addresses the challenges of menopause by providing access to mental health support, expert medical opinions, nutrition consultations, fitness guidance, and quick-response clinician assistance.

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