If you have tried to seek mental health support over the past two years, you might have found it hard to get the right advice and guidance and you’re not alone. Studies show that it’s becoming harder to see a mental health clinician with 1 in 3 Psychologists not taking on new patients, this was 1 in 100 pre-pandemic.  Wait times can be as high as 6 months long1.

It doesn’t need to be this hard to get help, you just need to know where to look. Chances are you already have access to timely and confidential mental health support through your employer. Most companies offer counselling through a third-party Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that may give you and your family access to a number of counselling sessions at no cost to you. EAP providers usually have low wait times to see a mental health clinician, this means you can speak to a counsellor and get some strategies before your mental health severely impacts you.

If your employer has a corporate insurance policy with MetLife, or if you hold a MetLife Protect policy you can also access MetLife’s Mental Health Assist program. Mental Health Assist gives eligible policy holders and their partner and children over 18 years access to an in-depth mental health assessment by a tailored team of leading Australian mental health professionals. This assessment allows you to have a clear view on your diagnosis and a treatment plan to give you the best chance of recovery from a mental health issue. You won’t have to wait 6 months to see a clinician ether, most people speak to a Psychologist/ Psychiatrist nine days from the initial intake call.

When to access MetLife 360Health Virtual Care – Mental Health Assist

  • Looking to get an in-depth mental health review by a team of mental health clinical experts including Psychologists and Psychiatrists
  • Unsure of your mental health diagnosis, medication, and treatment plan
  • Looking to get a written report to share with your GP to obtain Medicare Mental Health Plan

When to access EAP

  • Wanting to get timely mental health support
  • Looking to get on-going counselling, most EAP providers offer a capped number of sessions per year
  • For assistance in managing situational challenges before they impact home life and work performance

Not sure what your employer offers by the way of mental health support?

Your manager or Human Resources should be able to point you in the right direction.  If you’re uncomfortable asking them, remember you don’t need to tell them why you want to access the services or that it’s for you.  Mental Health Assist is confidential, and you’ll likely find that your EAP is confidential too so you can be comfortable discussing anything with the clinicians knowing that it won’t be shared back with your employer.

There are three ways to access MetLife’s 360Health Virtual Care service:

  • Website: MetLife 360Health
  • Mobile App – 360Health Virtual Care
  • Phone 1800 325 578 

You’ll need your employer access code or your MetLife Insurance policy number to register for the first time.


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