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The MetLife Future Insights Report

The MetLife Future Insights Report

Understanding key themes shaping future consumer behaviour.

Based on online research conducted in January 2023 with over 18,500 consumers across 12 countries, including Australia, this report explores four key areas:

A Need for a Confident Future: Challenges like climate change, rising inflation, cyber threats, and geopolitical tensions, are driving global uncertainty. Australians fear things will worsen before they get better by 2025, and 75% say it’s scary to imagine how the world will look by 2035. Companies are expected to demonstrate greater leadership and vision.

Longevity and the Redefinition of Life Stages: 58% of consumers globally believe by 2035 it will be commonplace to live to 100 years. This calls for the rethinking of life stages, including education, career, and retirement. Australians advocate redefining retirement, creating opportunities for new approaches to learning, working, and retiring.

Wellbeing as a Business Imperative: Holistic wellbeing is seen as crucial for future productivity and growth. Employees expect employer support. 92% of Australians believe companies have a duty to care for their workers. However, there's a perception that many companies talk about wellbeing without taking meaningful action.

Collective Aspiration for Security and Stability: Recent crises have heightened the desire for security and safety. Digital security is a major concern for many Australians, with 61% saying it has worsened in the last three years. Consumers have heightened expectations for companies to make long-term commitments, to set the course for a secure and stable future.