Insurance Inside Super


Insurance Inside Super

Making 'Life' Easy

Your super may already be protecting you with built-in life insurance so check your insurance inside your super today.

A large number of superannuation funds have a built-in life insurance policy.

Insurance inside superannuation is an affordable way to manage life insurance for many Australians and it is important to regularly check the insurance cover inside your super and make sure it meets your needs.

The benefits

When you should check your insurance

Key life stages, or ‘moments’ can be a timely trigger for you to check your protection.

  1. Buying a home or increasing an existing mortgage
  2. Starting a family or the birth of a child
  3. Getting married or divorced
  4. Changing jobs or making the decision to retire

What to consider when reviewing your insurance

Everyone's situation is different and it's important to think about your needs and your family circumstance when reviewing your insurance cover. 

  • How much insurance do you currently have and would it cover your lifestyle if you couldn’t work?
  • How much are you paying for it?
  • What are you covered for?
  • Do you have debts that would need to be covered if you could no longer work?
  • What are your long-term costs associated with living, including medical and children’s education?
How to adjust your insurance cover
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