MetLife Protect

Life insurance made easy

Life insurance that is more nimble, transparent and consistent to help people be protected from the unexpected.

We've made it easy for you to protect what matters most to your clients as their life changes, with building blocks of flexible life cover.

See how our insurance product could make a real difference in your clients' lives.

The Benefits of MetLife Protect

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Life moves fast, and MetLife Protect is designed to keep pace.

It’s easy to increase your cover without full underwriting on the occurrence of specified life events or a salary increase.

For example, under certain circumstances, Standard Life and TPD covers have an inbuilt Life Events Increases Feature enabling cover to be increased without any medical underwriting.

MetLife Protect + Extras

Every client is unique.

Design a MetLife Protect + Extras policy to suit their needs now – and adapt it as their needs change. 

It’s a simple way to show you that we ‘get’ what’s important to them.

Premium Waiver: waives premium when your client becomes totally disabled

Specified Events: provides additional financial support in case of accidental injury

Buy/Sell: supports your client’s business succession plan with an Immediate Business Expenses Benefit 


With a MetLife Protect policy, your clients will have access to 360Health and award-winning health specialists

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