What are tele-PMARs and how does it work?

MetLife now utilises Tele Report Retrieval to schedule and complete tele-PMARs with treating doctors.

The tele-PMARs are conducted by a nurse who will use their medical knowledge to engage with the treating doctor to record the doctor’s opinion and ensure all questions are completed fully, accurately and to a high-quality standard.

All calls are recorded, and a copy of the transcript is provided to the treating doctor to review.

This is extremely valuable where a treating doctor is unable to provide their written report in an appropriate amount of time. By using tele-PMARs, we can now access the recordings and transcripts on the same day as the tele-PMAR was conducted, and past experience shows that reports are available 55% faster than with standard written reports.

Why did MetLife decide to add tele-PMARs to their underwriting services?

To improve turnaround times. We can access medical information much quicker – average 9 days, compared to an average 25 days to access a doctor’s written report.

What are the benefits of tele-PMARs?

First and foremost, medical information is available quicker, enabling informed decision to be made faster.

Other benefits include:

  • Treating doctors avoid the time-consuming task of writing reports.
  • The administrative burden and delays associated with requesting written reports are avoided.
  • 20% Reduction in provider fees.

Who are tele-PMARs suitable for?

Tele-consultations are most suitable for:

  • Reports with up to 10 questions or two questionnaires.
  • When copies of test results, investigations and correspondence are required.
  • Additional Medical Reports (AMR).