At MetLife 360Health we don’t want to reinvent the wheel and we know that there is a vast amount of information online, in the community and from well respected sources.

So to help you get the facts straight, we are providing you with the latest list of resources to power your knowledge.

We are providing the best resources for the numbers and facts from the Government, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the John Hopkins Centre for Systems, Science and Engineering (CSSE) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These resources are updated regularly so it is worth checking back or saving these links to your favourites.

Federal Government Resources

  1. Australian Government COVID-19 APP
    Government App to provide updates, information and status in real time
    Apple link
    Android link 
  2. Australian Government Health Department Dashboard
    Current dashboard for Australia wide numbers
  3. Australian Government Health Department News
    Latest news, media and updates from the Health Department to support individuals and businesses
  4. Australian Government Health Department Resources
    Current COVID-19 resources for individuals and businesses to support current policies
  5. Australian Government WhatsApp group
    WhatsApp group to get updates, news and stories. To access ensure you have WhatsApp activated.
  6. Federal Government FAQ
    Answers to common questions about COVID-19

State Government Resources

  1. State based information and resources
    Latest resources for use by businesses and individuals including current restrictions and requirements
    ACT Government COVID-19 
    NSW Government COVID-19
    QLD Government COVID-19
    SA Government COVID-19
    TAS Government COVID-19
    VIC Government COVID-19
    WA Government COVID-19

Global Information

  1. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
    Resources and tools for individuals, businesses and communities
  2. John Hopkins Centre For Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)
    Dashboard for COVID-19 case across the globe
  3. World Health Organisation (WHO)
    WHO daily reports and updates across the globe

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