Our MetLife 360Health "Habits How-To" series features tips, tricks, and activities to help you establish healthy habits and maintain them in the long run.

“Mental wellness is a process that we engage in proactively – it is not a static state of being” – eMindful. These tips and strategies from the 360Health team can help you boost your mental health.

Make it a Habit

  • Creative expression – Practise an instrument, create visual art, or write a poem or story.
  • Single-task – Multi-tasking can reduce productivity and negatively impact your mood. Commit to focusing on one task at a time.
  • Disconnect from tech – Leave your phone and other devices alone for a bit each day.
  • Get it out – Don’t suppress your feelings, express them: write in a journal, draw, paint or talk about it with a friend or in a counselling session.
  • Meditate – Mindfulness practices like meditation help with focus, mood regulation, stress, and worry. Start small, with just a few minutes per day.
  • Convene with nature – Spending time outside and with animals boosts our feel-good hormones, and it can increase energy levels and reduce depression.
  • Maintain healthy boundaries – Be direct with people about your needs and your values. Actively prioritise self-care and learn to say “no” when needed.
  • Learn something – Learning boosts confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose.
  • Connect with others – Good relationships give you a sense of belonging and emotional support. Arrange time with family or friends to catch up, even if it’s not in-person.

Habit Strategy for mental wellness

  • Interrupt the “habit loop” - Scrolling through social media can increase your stress, so don’t stay logged in. If you must actively log into an app each time you want to visit, you may just get that moment to reconsider and avoid the habit.
  • Start very small - Commit to meditation or relaxation breathing for 3 minutes a day.
  • Create rituals - Try a gratitude practice with your family at dinner once a week. Or think of other rituals that support your wellbeing journey.
  • Track the habit - Use a tracker to record physical activity, meditation, sleep or other habits you’re implementing to improve mental health.
  • Evaluate your barriers - Identify what’s holding you back from good mental health practices, e.g. Time? Support? Can you reach out for help?

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