Eligible MetLife customers can access expert mental health advice from the comfort of their home through Mental Health Assist, part of the 360Health Virtual Care program provided in partnership with Teladoc Health.

Why is MetLife offering Mental Health Assist?

Although Australia has fared better overall compared with other countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a profound impact on many people’s mental health and their access to support. Due to the pandemic there has been a 25% increase in mental health conditions1 and 1 in 3 psychologists aren't taking on new patients, this was 1 in 100 pre pandemic with wait times as high as 6 months.2

Our Virtual Care program with Mental Health Assist provides access to experts in mental health via Telehealth to reassure our customers and provide support for diagnosis and treatment plans for when they engage with their doctor.

Through MetLife's partnership with Teladoc Health on the 360Health Virtual Care program, eligible customers have access to convenient and safe virtual consultations via video call.

The approach for Mental Health Assist gives our customers peace of mind. It offers a best-practice approach to mental health by providing members with an assessment by a tailored team of leading Australian mental health professionals. This assessment allows customers to have a clear view on their diagnosis and a treatment plan to give them the best chance of recovery.

Frank contacted MetLife virtual consultation partner Teladoc Health for mental health assistance during the pandemic. "I have nothing but praise and gratefulness for the service," he says. "I felt extremely comfortable with everyone I spoke with. They helped me immensely get on the right track with my mental health – and for that, I am truly thankful."

How does Mental Health Assist work?

When you request a Mental Health Assist consultation, you'll be contacted by a mental health case manager to begin the assessment of your needs.

Here's how the process works:

  • Initial assessment – your case manager will ask you some questions about what you're experiencing and send you a consent form to sign. This form gives the mental health experts permission to provide advice, as well as request any relevant medical records from your doctor.
  • Expert assessment – based on your initial assessment, your case manager will match you with a suitable psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist within 10 days. You’ll meet with these clinicians via video call and they will work with you to assess your situation and work out the help that you need.
  • Action plan – the experts’ findings will be summarised in a report that will be sent to you and your case manager, who will call you to discuss the findings and the best next steps.
  • Ongoing support – your case manager will direct you back to your treating doctor to implement any medication changes and request a Medicare Mental Health Plan referral, if therapy has been recommended. You’ll be offered quick access to Telehealth therapy via Teladoc’s network of psychologists or they will help identify a psychologist in your local area. Your case manager will continue to stay in touch for up to six months to check on how you’re tracking.

"I felt comfortable and safe sharing my health concerns and discussing my background with both psychologists I spoke with," says Claire, who accessed therapy through Mental Health Assist. "I'm not sure I would have been able to seek support via in-person appointments, so it was very convenient being able to access appointments through the telehealth/video calls and to fit them around my work and caring commitments."

How do I access Mental Health Assist?

MetLife offers 360Health Virtual Care at no additional cost to eligible MetLife customers* via Teladoc Health and to get started, it is as easy as...

  1. Visit MetLife 360Health
  2. Input your details and request a call back


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