We have seen through our claims data that Mental ill-health is becoming more prevalent across our community. Despite the services available we are seeing a rise in incidence and increased durations.

Appropriate support is complex and within a claims context has traditionally focused on return to work. This return to work focus may lead to customers being reticent to participate in rehabilitation services and outcomes of such programs have been limited. We felt that by focusing on health and function, there may be an ability to attract more customers to participate, and more importantly facilitate better health outcomes. Also, the delay in implementing such programs continues to impact the potential outcomes that waiting periods, assessment/eligibility and other insurance requirement perpetuate.

Our team used their broad understanding of psychological models, customer experiences and the need for a structured support vehicle to build NOURISH.

By focusing on return to health, we find that people in the NOURISH program are more engaged, more motivated and able to focus on the things that really matter to them.”

Mark Raberger, NOURISH Program Director

NOURISH is a psycho-social program with the primary outcome being to enhance the member’s functional capacity in the different roles they undertake in their social and community lives. It is also designed to promote health and help seek behaviours to ensure independence and mitigate relapse. Recovery does not imply a return to premorbid level of functioning or an asymptomatic life. The aim is to focus on abilities, strengths and interests, as well as limitations and living with these.

The NOURISH program has been in place for 16 months, with approximately 250 customers referred so far. 65% of all customers in the program have reported an increase in function across one or multiple dimensions per the WHODAS scale within three months of commencement. There has also been a 3-fold increase in participation in 2018/19 compared to 2017.

NOURISH is part of our Health and Wellbeing framework – a range of programs designed to help people have the best quality of life they can, wherever they are in their health journey.

Melissa Colonna
Health & Recovery Manager