MetLife customers can receive support and guidance from doctors in Australia without needing to travel for appointments through the GP Online service offered as part of our 360Health Virtual Care program.

How is GP Online different from a visit to the local doctor?

GP Online gives you quick and easy access to qualified Australian GPs via phone or video. The advantage of virtual GP appointments is you can get support and guidance about a health symptom or medical issue without needing to leave home or wait many hours to see a doctor.

“Our GP is often one of our most trusted relationships and they are central to our ongoing healthcare. However, there are always situations in life where we have general medical questions that you’d like answered quickly,” explains Jamie Vickers, Director of Teladoc Health, a virtual care expert organisation partnering with MetLife.

"GP Online connects you to an experienced Australian GP via phone or video within a couple of hours. The service is designed to support you and your treating GP by providing another option for those questions that won’t require a prescription or onward referrals.” Online appointments are available between 8am and 8pm.

What are some of the benefits of GP Online?

Just like your own GP, the qualified doctors at GP Online can help you understand your options for remedying or managing your healthcare issues, whether you experience:

  • Physical ailments, such as pain in a joint or muscle;
  • Illness, such as battling a nasty cough;
  • Stress and other mental health challenges;
  • General uncertainty about a medical issue or what to do next.

GP Online is also a convenient way to get upfront support and guidance from a doctor to help you decide which treatment options might suit you best. Reassuringly, after every appointment via GP Online, the doctor you spoke with will detail your conversation and upload it to your inbox on the 360Health Virtual Care member portal.

"Having access to such care would never have been available to me had it not been for the GP Online service," says Cory, who booked an appointment through Teladoc Health. "I really appreciate all the hard work you did for me. Although it's just another day for you guys, it really made a difference to my life and I will be eternally grateful."

How do I access GP Online?

GP Online is part of Virtual Care, which is available for all MetLife Protect customers who just use their policy number as the code to access the protal and other eligible clients who have received an access specific code to activate the portal. MetLife customers* who qualify for 360Health Virtual Care have two ways to connect: