COVID 19 Insights 1

A study of the impacts Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is having on people's health and wellbeing.

The research

In March, 2020, in response to COVID-19, MetLife Australia undertook research on the impact the pandemic is having on people’s health and wellbeing.

The study also evaluates how well employers have responded to the crisis and covers five main themes.

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Health & Wellbeing

People’s assessment of their own health and wellbeing

Australian’s claim to be in reasonable shape with regards to their own health and wellbeing, but ‘mental health’ warning signs exist.

Key opportunities exist for employers to proactively support employees with health and wellness content and resources.

Rating their employer

How employees rated their employer’s response to COVID-19, including support opportunities

Australian based employers have been quick to respond to COVID-19 according to employees, however some are lagging behind, with work from home and regular/transparent communications being key differentiators.

Super Fund support

How Super Funds can support their members with regards to COVID-19

Members are wanting ongoing and transparent communications about how Super Funds are managing investments in this volatile market, including reassurance/confidence in their performance history, and advising what options are available to them with regards to their super.

Financial impact

The direct impact of COVID-19 on people’s financial wellbeing

Australian’s claim COVID-19 has directly impacted their finances already.

Major areas of concern relate to supporting their short term needs, particularly with many worried about their own job security.

As a result, Australian’s are reviewing/looking for better deals on their outgoings.

Personal behaviour

People’s behaviours and actions in relation to COVID-19

Most Australian’s are taking the COVID-19 threat seriously and this is reflected in their actions.

Most worries relate to catching the virus considering the speed it’s spreading with no vaccine in sight.

However, a quarter of Australian’s aren’t worried about COVID-19 primarily due to overconfidence in being ‘low risk.’

Resources for employers

Research backed tips and downloadable guides to help employers support staff through this uncertain time.

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