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MetLife Australia Facebook House Rules

Thanks for being a part of the MetLife Australia community on Facebook! We welcome your comments, photos and videos and look forward to hearing from you. Please note, we review comments and will remove any that are inappropriate, offensive, or contain external links.

Here are just a few guidelines to keep the conversation constructive and to help protect you:

  • Your opinion is welcome but please keep it on topic and informative.
  • Any postings that are considered obscene, indecent, unlawful, defamatory, misleading, intended to harass, abuse, threaten others, or infringe on another's rights will be removed from the Facebook page.
  • For your security, please don't post any personal information like your policy number—if you need customer service, you can call 1300 555 625, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Alternatively you can email or use the contact us form on MetLife Australia website
  • To avoid implying we favour, endorse, certify or otherwise support one organisation over another, we will delete any post that promotes any particular agent, third-party distributor, or direct marketing channel.
  • As a reminder, "liking" this page is not a reflection of an individual's experience with product or services offered by MetLife Australia. Users "like" this page in order to connect with MetLife Australia and get updates.
  • We welcome your feedback and will make every effort to respond, but for your own personal protection, we cannot discuss private matters in public forums such as Facebook. Discussions that inappropriately identify a specific individual's situation will be removed from the site and continual offenders may be blocked from the site. For customer service you can call 1300 555 625, visit the contact us  form or you can contact us through
  • Be sure to follow the Facebook Terms and Conditions.

Please note that comments posted by third parties have not been verified and do not represent the views of MetLife Australia, its parent, subsidiaries or affiliates. For our complete online community terms and conditions, click here.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Your friends at MetLife Australia